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We believe in personalized care, supported by a community of women achieving optimal breast health.

Together, our results can advance breast health intelligence, improving breast health outcomes for women.

Breast Health Can Be

Do I need to?
How often?
When do I start?

Meet Auria


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looks good on you.

A personalized breast health assessment, so you can be informed and move forward with the right care.

Personal Assessment

Know your risk level, so you can know where to start. Auria equips you to take control of your breast health journey.

Home Test

Start your breast health journey from the comfort of home with the convenient Auria Home Test Kit.

The Power of Tears

Protein biomarkers in your tears give us a clear picture of the molecular events happening in your body.

Physician Approved

Tested in our CLIA certified laboratory, all results are reviewed by a physician.

Order your kit.
Complete your profile.

Create your account and complete your breast health profile.

Information provided in your breast health profile is used to tailor your assessment and consultation.

Collect your sample.
Return your kit.

Follow the instructions provided or watch our How to Video to collect your sample.

Use the prepaid packaging to Return your tear sample to our CLIA certified lab.

Receive your breast health
Risk Assessment.

When your physician certified results are available in your Auria dashboard you will be given the opportunity to schedule a consultation with our breast health specialist.

How does it work?
Don’t worry, we’ve got step-by-step instructions. Everything you need to know about your kit and the testing process.

Is it painful? Can I lay down? Check out our FAQs for more information.
Complete your profile
Create your Auria account and complete your health profile.
Prepare your test
Freeze the ice pack for 12 hours and prepare your test.
Place the strip
Fold and carefully place sample strip in your lower eyelid.
Collect your sample
Close your eye and wait five minutes to collect your sample.
Complete & Return
Place the strip in the sample tube with the solution and return your kit.
Receive your results
Check your dashboard to receive your Auria score and risk level.
be informed

It’s your journey.
Be informed.

Clarity so you can.

Know your risk, know when to screen. Auria equips you with an understanding of your risk level so you know where to start. It’s your journey, own it.


Personalized results.

Recommendations are set for everyone, but every body is different. We believe your care should be based on your unique body.


Individual consultations.

Auria puts you in control. You can decide what next steps are right for you as you discuss your results with a breast health specialist.

Your breast health. Our journey together. 

Clarity starts here.
Start your journey from the comfort of home.

Is Auria for me?

Auria is available for women ages 30 and over.

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