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At-home biological breast cancer screening.

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Empowering women to be informed and confident on their breast health journey.

Auria gives you clarity with a personal breast health assessment. So you can be informed, and decide when to screen with confidence.

Your breast health.

Decide when to screen, based on you.

The power of tears.

Simple, accurate, backed by science.

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All bodies, all breasts.

Any size, any shape – always clear.

Be informed. Be confident.

With Auria you can be informed, understanding what’s happening in your body, your breasts. So you can move forward with the right care.

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“The easiest, most straightforward way of changing the course of the disease is to find it early

Dr. Harms
MD, FACR, Emeritus
Nationally Recognized Breast MRI Specialist

Empowering prevention.

Helping our bodies heal, and prevent cancer.

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Your breast health

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Real women, real stories.

“The test was simple, slightly uncomfortable sitting with something in your eye but it wasn’t too bad. It was also nice to have that preview on if I was even at risk before having a mammogram, makes possible future tests and results less daunting.”


Age 35

Be informed. Be confident. 

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We want to empower women to take control of their breast health journey. Auria gives you clarity, and we’re here to help along the way.

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Auria is available for women ages 30 and over.

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