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Easy & accessible breast health for your employees.

Earlier detection of breast cancer saves lives and reduces the cost of treatment.

Breast cancer is changing, and not for the better. Women are now being diagnosed at a younger age. With no available screening options for women in their 30s, and overwhelmingly high costs for early stage cancer treatments, it is important for women to be proactive with their breast health.

Insert the number of women in your workforce to determine the breast cancer prevalence in your population.

Insert the number of women in your workforce to determine the breast cancer prevalence in your population.

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Early stage treatment cost


Late stage treatment cost

"I typically put off my mammograms until as late as possible. If I hadn't gotten the results from the Auria test saying I was higher risk, I probably would have waited until the very last moment of the year to schedule my mammogram." 

Auria Breast Cancer Screening Program

In an effort to increase utilization of screening mammography, employers can offer the Auria Breast Cancer Screening Program to covered lives meeting established criteria. Employees will have the opportunity to self-enroll and have Auria test kits shipped to their homes. Following test results, participants will be given the option to have a clinical consultation with a Breast Health Specialist to discuss their Auria results and next steps for their breast health.

Pilot Program

Self-insured employer increases breast screening compliance in employees and dependents by 28% offering Auria.

Our pilot employer was interested in offering Auria™ as a pre-screening solution to encourage breast health awareness and provide a method of activating women to participate in recommended screenings. With a robust health and wellness initiative for employees and high participation in services that are offered directly, Auria was the perfect solution.

See How Auria Worked For Simmons

Breast Cancer Screening Metrics


scheduled a screening mammogram as direct result of their Auria score


agreed the kit was easy to use and they were comfortable collecting their own tear sample


utilized the breast health consultation services to review their results

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Why Auria?

Personalized care for all women.

Auria provides a path to clarity on breast cancer screening and is the perfect option for women over the age of 30. Not only is it an easy and convenient solution, it makes financial and organizational sense to offer as a benefit to your female employees.

See How Auria Worked For Simmons

Why is breast health important?

1 in 8

women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime


of women miss recommended screening mammograms


of breast cancers occur in women that have no family history

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