Pattern Computer’s AI Delivers Vast Improvement to Namida Lab’s Diagnostic Accuracy

Applying their Pattern Discovery Engine™ to Namida Lab’s data, Pattern Computer significantly increased Namida Lab’s predictive accuracy for breast cancer screening, and accelerated the development of an inexpensive, accurate breast cancer diagnostic test

LAST UPDATED • March 17th, 2022

 REDMOND, WA, MARCH 9, 2022 -- Pattern Computer®, Inc. (PCI) is pleased to announce that the application of its Pattern Discovery Engine™ to Namida Lab’s data resulted in significant improvement to the predictive accuracy of Namida Lab’s diagnostic test for breast cancer and allowed for acceleration in company’s development timeline for an inexpensive, and accurate diagnostic test for breast cancer. 

Omid Moghadam, CEO of Namida Lab, explained: 

“The challenge in developing an inexpensive biomarker-based cancer screening test that can be widely distributed is finding the relevant and small disease signal in the mountain of biological noise within the body. 

The collaboration between Pattern Computer’s data scientists and Namida Lab’s research and clinical teams uncovered a number of previously undetectable biomarker combinations that both enhanced the performance of Namida’s current biomarker-based breast cancer screening test and enabled delivery of a diagnostic test in the near future. We are looking forward to put data generated by our R&D programs in other types of cancer thru PCI’s Discovery Engine." 

Mark Anderson, CEO of Pattern Computer, added: 

“We are delighted that our Discovery Engine was able to assist Namida Lab in getting world-class results in their tear-based breast cancer screening test. We look forward to working with Namida Lab in the future on additional oncology screening tests, and to having a long and fulfilling partnership. There is nothing our team likes better than to help saving lives through making Pattern Discoveries. 

Having also just gone into production with our best-in-class ProSpectra1™ COVID spit-based screening and diagnostic test system, it would appear that “Powered By Pattern Computer™” is on its way to becoming a prime driver in medical screening on many fronts.“ 

About Pattern Computer 

Pattern Computer, Inc. uses its proprietary Pattern Discovery Engine™ to solve the most important and intractable problems in business and medicine. Its proprietary mathematical techniques can find complex patterns in very-high-order data that have eluded detection by others. 

While the company is currently applying its computational platform to the challenging field of drug discovery, it is also making Pattern Discoveries for partners in other sectors, including additional biomedical research, materials science, aerospace manufacturing, veterinary medicine, air traffic operations, resource extraction and finance. 

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