Breast Health

Auria is a biological breast cancer screening test - it does not diagnose, prevent, or treat breast cancer. If you have any areas of concern in your breast tissue please consult your primary health care provider before doing Auria.

Yes. You should plan to have a screening mammogram within the recommended time frame corresponding to your Auria classification. Auria is not intended to replace screening mammograms or to be used to evaluate abnormal or unclear mammogram results.

If you've completed treatment and now only have a yearly screening mammogram you are welcome to take Auria. If you are still following a high-risk screening protocol or are still being treated for breast cancer we recommend you follow the advice of your health care providers.

Yes. The performance of Auria is not affected by tissue density. If you have other questions around dense breast tissue, we recommend discussing those with our breast health specialist during your consultation.

Our clinical data gathered during development and validation of Auria included women ages 30-87.

Information you provide in your health profile is used to determine your Auria score and classification. Our Breast Health Specialist will review the information you provide to help address question that may arise during your consultation.

Auria is intended for women ages 30 and over. Auria is not intended for women with an unevaluated palpable mass or area of concern in their breast tissue. It is also not intended for women who no longer have breast tissue. For more information on whether you are a good candidate for Auria, visit our “About Auria” FAQ page.