Testing Process

We recommend you either sit or lie down during sample collection to make sure the sample strip remains in place for the full five minutes of collection time.

It's okay, putting the strip in upside down will not affect your sample. Don't remove the strip from the tube once you've added it.  

The Auria kit includes:

  • Informational brochure with step-by-step instructions for sample collection and return.
  • Tear sample collection supplies (sample strip, tube, solution, label, bag, & extras)
  • Return shipping supplies (ice pack to be frozen, lab form with registration code, and a thermal pre-labeled mailer)

The ice pack must be frozen for 12 hours prior to shipping your sample. Including the frozen ice pack is critical to making sure your tear sample is good when it arrives at the lab. If you forget to include your ice pack when returning your sample, please contact customer service at [email protected] or 833-MY-AURIA.

The sample strip is a thin piece of filter paper that is commonly used to test for dry eye. Typically, once the strip begins to get wet, the slight irritation goes away. In a survey conducted with over 400 individuals, the average reported pain scored after using the sample strip was 1.4 out of 10; with 0 being no pain/discomfort and 10 being intense pain/discomfort.

If you are using medicated eye drops to treat an active eye infection that may affect your test results. Please wait until you have completed the full course of treatment before taking your sample for Auria.

The goal of auria is to help you decide when to have a screening mammogram. Therefore, we recommend you take auria once a year prior to your screening mammogram. However, you may take auria as much as you would like, it’s up to you. If you feel a lump or have reason to worry, speak with your primary care physician.

Please select this link for the instructional video.

The curved tip of the strip will need to go in your lower eyelid. We have found the outside corner to be the most comfortable.

The amount of moisture produced during sample collection differs from person to person. Do not be concerned with the amount of fluid you can or can't see on the sample strip. It's more important that the sample strip has been placed properly and stays in place for 5 minutes.

Tear collection can be done at any time of day. However, we suggest collecting your sample earlier in the day to ensure you have plenty of time to drop off your sample after collection. Remember, you must collect your sample and ship it on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. If shipping on Saturday we recommend using a storefront instead of a drop box.  Not all drop boxes get picked up on Saturdays.

If your test strip falls out before the 5 minutes is complete, please wait 30 minutes and repeat the collection using the extra sample strip provided.

No, our studies show make-up and contacts do not affect test results. However, having the sample strip in place may cause your eye to water and could cause make-up to smear.